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Hello, all. I keep all my fic and art (Fullmetal Alchemist and a little D. Gray-Man) public, but if you'd like to say "hello" or "friend me?" or "who is this Rebecca you speak of?" or anything else, the comments thread on this post is a good spot to do it.

Some of my fics are illustrated (or are stand alone illustrations). They will be marked with a ♦ and will either be WS (Work Safe) or NWS (Not Work Safe), so click accordingly!

If you're here for plotty slightly canon-divergent post-manga chapterfic with Roy/Ed and Havoc/Rebecca, head to the Wrong Turn 'verse plotfic. If you're here for Ed and Ling in a tent, you want Camping Trip of Doom.

Wrong Turn 'verse: pre-/mid-manga | Camping Trip of Doom | manga aftermath | post-manga plotfic and related works
Other FMA fic and arts: Gen | Roy/Ed | Ed/Ling | Ed/Winry | Other Pairings
D. Gray-man fic and arts

to all of the fic and all of the arts! )
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I did these illos for leakyaki's hilarious D.Gray-Man fic The Melancholy of Allen Walker, for Round 2 of [ profile] dgm_bigbang last year. It only took me seven months to repost? Thanks to [ profile] enemytosleep for the look over, and to [ profile] leafyaki for giving me such fun material to work with. 

Title: Inspector Link’s Secret Night Job
Characters/Pairings: Link
Rating: G, totally worksafe
Cracking Peanuts, Inspector Link’s secret night job. )

Title: Dodged that Bullet
Characters/Pairings: Komui
Rating: G, totally worksafe
With expert timing he ducked the cup that was thrown his way. It just grazed the top of his beret. )

Title: Worst Joyride Ever
Characters/Pairings: Lavi, Allen
Rating: G, totally worksafe
At one second Lavi was balancing on his hammer, and in the next he had grabbed Allen around the wrist and was tugging them through the air, hammer extending at an exponential rate. )

Title: Lullaby
Characters/Pairings: Allen, the Fourteenth
Rating: G, totally worksafe
Notes: Chapter 198 spoilers!
Hey Allen, little boy ... )
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Hope you had a great birthday, [ profile] saucy_babe!

Title: Hey, Cupcake
Characters: Lavi
Rating: G for sugar
Medium: drawing tablet and Photoshop. Experimenting with a different style and brushes! Which was fun.

nom nom nom )
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The prompt drabbles went fast! I feel all productive. Even more so because I managed to cleverly shunt all these into separate posts dated out of order so as not to get different fandoms and ships all tangled.

1. Close Proximity, Ed/Winry, G. For [ profile] evil_little_dog's prompt "Ed and Winry, snowy days".

2. Old School, Havoc/Sciezka, PG-13. For [ profile] havocmangawip's prompt "Havoc and Sciezka, winter fun."

3. By Inches, Roy/Ed, PG-13. For [ profile] pandoraculpa's prompt, "Roy and Ed, removing wet clothing".

4. Guns. Riza/Miles, Havoc/Rebecca, PG. For [ profile] randomcheeses' prompt, "Riza and Rebecca, discussing their men." This went all Wrong Turn 'verse on me, hence Riza's man being someone other than the obvious. But I know randomcheeses likes Riza/Miles?

5. Social Engineering, Lavi and friends, G (but Lavi really wishes it was NC-17). For [ profile] cornerofmadness's prompt "Lavi, doing something incredible dumb because he thinks it'll be fun", and [ profile] enemytosleep's request, "Can this incredibly dumb thing involve snow and Kanda (or Dark Allen)?"
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Title: Social Engineering
Characters: Lavi, ensemble
Word Count: 326
Rating: G for silly
Summary: Lavi is so so great with people.
Notes: From [ profile] cornerofmadness's prompt "Lavi, doing something incredible dumb because he thinks it'll be fun", and [ profile] enemytosleep's request, "Can this incredibly dumb thing involve snow and Kanda (or Dark Allen)?"

We should have a snowball fight! )
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I wrote something that wasn't Hagaren! Will you look at that? Sometimes I'm astounded at my own spirit of adventure.

Title: Counting Sheep
Author: [ profile] bob_fish
Characters: Lavi, Krory and implicitly, Allen
Rating: G
Word count: 393
Setting: D. Gray-Man, during the sea journey to Edo
Summary: Sleep: it looks easy enough when other people do it.
Notes: written from two prompts from my flist. [ profile] became_fire asked for Lavi and Allen, smut or gen, [ profile] enemytosleep asked for "Lavi thinks about Allen late one night on Anita's ship (slash or not, up to you)". Slash or not? Up to you. XD
Disclaimer: Not mine. All hail the Great Cow! Hail her even though this is not an FMA fic.

You wouldn't think to look at him, but Krory really snored. )


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