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Lots of people wrote and drew me lovely things for my birthday yesterday. Thanks to all! :3

[ profile] a_big_apple wrote Knots: Roy/Ed, mentions of Ed/Ling (PG-13).
[ profile] evil_little_dog wrote A Night of Celebration: Ed/Winry, Al, Roy, Riza (R/teen).
[ profile] seta_suzume drew a (worksafe) birthday greeting from Emperor Ling himself!
[ profile] cornerofmadness wrote What the Dragon Saw: Ling/Al (NC-17).
[ profile] vwl dedicated a fic, A Blessing in Disguise: girl!Ling/girl!Ed (R).

My flist know what I like, apparently. :D Hoorah! I had a marvellous day, and your gifts made it all the nicer. :3

Also, PSA for anyone not on the old flist who's aware I live in London: if you were wondering, I'm totally fine, and the same goes for family and friends. Everything's been calm for the last couple of days and we're going about our business as usual. Happy to report that Londoners are rallying around to help clean up their local communities, and to help people who've been hurt or lost homes or businesses as a result of the riots. Google #riotcleanup to find out more and/or if you'd like to know how you can help.
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So you guys, [ profile] seatbeltdrivein said she'd write me a drabble to say thanks for betaing. So I prompted her with the Roy Mustang, Prime Minister campaign poster some of you may remember from last May. Click here to see - but be warned, it is NSFW, and has strange powers. Which make you go write porn. Note the word count below and note that she was planning a drabble.

Anyhoo, the fic is hotter than hell. Seriously. I may have read it more than twice already. And [ profile] seatbeltdrivein is so so nice for writing it for me! Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Title: when swivelin' that hip doesn't do the trick
Author: seatbeltdrivein
Rating: NC-17 like burning
Pairing: Ed/Roy
Word Count: 6217
Series: Some AU of the manga-verse, set in a future where Ed has both his automail *and* his alchemy
Summary: Becoming the Prime Minister of the newly democratized Amestris had very little affect on the intensity of Roy's sex life, as Ed liked to remind him now and again.
Warnings: Filthy, filthy kink. D/s, humiliation, collar/leash play, gagging, spanking, orgasm denial, and it just runs from there. But again I say—everything is *consensual*!
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[ profile] randomcheeses just wrote me this hilarious little ficlet from my prompt request, Roy confronts Ed about his worst domestic habit. Hop on over and enjoy.

Unfinished, Roy/Ed, G-ish.
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[ profile] ishte wrote me my [ profile] fmagiftexchange fic, for the prompt Team Mustang's New Year's Eve Party and it's totally hilarious! ETA: [ profile] ishte has reposted it at her journal, so linky goes there since [ profile] fmagiftexchange is locked to members. Please do leave [ profile] ishte a lovely comment if you enjoyed!

The Mistletoe, (the tachi, Rebecca, Resembool Trio) PG-13/Teen. Pairing-wise there's a little subtle, cute pre-Ed/Win … along with some other stuff. As the author says, it is mistletoe after all. :D
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[ profile] rufina_110 did some amazingly cute, G-rated art for [ profile] enemytosleep's and my Ling/Ed fic Let's Stick Together. You should all go look! Her style reminds me a lot of Avatar: the Last Airbender! Which is a great thing. The art is practically gen, so I encourage ALL to go and share in the joy. I can't stop staring at it. Seriously.
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I am back from the Spain (weather actually lovely in the end, hoorah) and I have recs.

My [ profile] fma_ladyfest fic from a mysterious anon has been posted. It's all about Winry starting her apprenticeship in Rush Valley! Paninya is in it being cheeky! Garfiel is amazing! Ed is clumsily sweet! It makes me want to hug Winry and then hang out with her listening to her nerd and not staring at her chest because I am very very polite and it's annoying when people do that!

Building Blocks

Also, I should have recced this ages ago. [ profile] enemytosleep finished up her birthday fic for me and posted and it was my birthday all over again. Wrong Turn 'verse Havoc/Rebecca, all about the beginning of their dating adventures when Havoc returns to the tachi. Features the finest scene ever to be set in a stationary cupboard. :D :D :D <--- The expression that will be on your face while you are reading this fic. The title should give you an idea of the restrained and classy romance that awaits you:

Secret Sex Ninjas

(feel free to link me up to anything fun I might have missed while I was away. I had broadband, sorta, but wasn't on it much, and I know I owe a couple of folk reviews)
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Dudes! If you read my fic, and most of you do, you probably like some or all of these things: epic UST, plotty plot, intrigue, and Ling Yao. My bud [ profile] enemytosleep just posted her completed (don't you just love a completed chapter fic?) Big Bang entry, No Sound of Water. It's about Ling and Ran Fan's journey through the desert to Amestris, and skullduggery at the Yao clan court. It features:

- flashbacks to Ling and Ran Fan's childhood (shocking news: Ling was a cheeky little shit)
- assassins
- poisonous snakes
- badass violenty martial arts fight scenes
- fabulous illustrations by [ profile] potatomouse and [ profile] darkryan75 (and one by me XD)
- Ling being fed peaches by naughty harem girls
- spot-on character voices
- eunuchs
- the real reason Ling and co left Xing in such a hurry
- fermented horse's milk
- a charming and incredibly grumpy Ran Fan
- Xing court intrigue
- fabulous worldbuilding
- Ling being a doofus

What else do you need to amuse yourself on a Saturday afternoon? I should confess a vested interest here: I betaed this fic and was super-excited to watch it come together over the last few months. Hoorah!

Title: No Sound of Water
Author: [ profile] enemytosleep
Rating: PG-13
Characters: Ling/Ran Fan (UST), Fuu
Warnings: mild, action based violence and lots and lots of sand
Summary: As the Yao clan's only hope for the throne, Ling decides it is time for action. Along with his most trusted retainers, he sets off on a dangerous journey through the Great Desert in search of immortality. But is this all he is searching for? When familial relations reach their breaking point, she and her grandfather, Fuu, leave with their young master on his quest for greater power. But what else will they find along the way?
Notes: This was written for the 2009-2010 FMA Big Bang Challenge.

Chapter One: in which Ling's hair catches fire.
Chapter Two: in which Ran Fan meditates on how to knock Ling on his rear.
Chapter Three: in which the kumis goes to Ling's head a little.


Aug. 31st, 2009 03:07 pm
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I got home from camping, after a five hour slog through bank holiday traffic, to some lovely, flattering news - I got joint second place in this week's [ profile] fma_fic_contest. I have a banner and everything! I like the font and the way they chose the goofy photo of HEARTBREAK AND WOE for the illo. 

As if that's not enough, along with all this week's other entrants, I also get a frighteningly cute chibi Ed banner for taking part. 


I think my entire flist is on fma_fic_contest, but just in case anyone isn't, I will do some pimping. I shared the second place spot on the podium with [ profile] tiamatschild  and their lovely fic "Chestnuts", a really charming vignette in which Mei Chan harasses/looks after Scar. Aww! The winner list is here, and you should definitely check out the scary winning entry from [profile] colonel_bastard. But also! There were actually twenty-three entries, most of them ace, and all of them very short, so you could and should read them all in a single coffee break. They are here.
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 After writing "Intermission" on the kink meme for [ profile] enemytosleep , I felt in need of some compensatory Royai comedy. So I anonymised and asked the meme for this:

"Mangaverse Roy/Riza, "a little rebellion". Papa Hawkeye's away for the night and so teenage Roy and Riza sneak into his study ... and the drinks cabinet. What they get up to is up to you - but remember that canonically speaking, he can't find out about her tattoo yet! Bring the funny and I will love you, anon."

And today I awoke to find someone filled my prompt! Woot! It is very funny, particularly for the cheeky, composed and snarky teenage Riza, and for what Papa Hawkeye has been keeping stashed in his desk drawer. 

It's funny, I actually got so interested in the idea after writing the prompt that I've now written half of a fic which answers it myself. If no one answered the prompt I was going to confess on the meme to ficprompt onanism (kinky, no?) and see if it was within the rules to post/link. But now I do not have to! I still might finish my fic, though, as I was enjoying the chance to write Papa Hawkeye's insanity, Roy as teenage alchemy geek, and soon, super-sensible little Riza being tipsy and rude. Luckily, there's less danger of plagarising my lovely authoranon as I imagined the teenage Roy/Riza dynamic rather differently - my authoranon's approach of having Riza lead the naughtiness is so much more interesting than my own mini-Hawkeye. 

P.S. [ profile] enemytosleep , if the authoranon turns out to be you, that will be downright spooky! It couldn't be ... right?


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