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Title: Brass Monkeys
Characters/Pairings: Roy/Ed
Rating: PG for sappy snogging
Notes: drawn with Photoshop and tablet for [ profile] sky_dark's birthday. I got a bit enthused with the snow brushes, those things are fun! Happy Birthday Sky! ♥

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Title: PT after the PT
Characters: Brosch
Rating: PG for sadly worksafe shirtless dude
Medium: Photoshop and drawing tablet
Notes: Happy belated birthday, dude! Due to my extreme suckage, I had you down for the 26th, but actually your birthday was yesterday. Hope this helps to make up for it? Oh, and this is set during my fic The Phoney War.

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Title: What Ed Does in Bed
Characters: Roy/Ed
Word Count: 1032
Rating: PG-13
Summary: The toughest thing about starting sleeping with someone new is working out how to sleep with them.
Notes: Written and drawn for [ profile] a_big_apple's birthday. Happy birthday, Apple, apologies for the lateness and hope you had a delightful day. ♥

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Title: One Little Room an Everywhere
Characters: Roy/Ed
Rating: a super-tame R for naked dudes, still NSFW. Warning for sap.
Medium: drawing tablet and Adobe Photoshop
Summary: sequel to my recent NC-17 naughties pic, Home Run
Notes: For [ profile] sky_dark. This was supposed to be a ten minute drawble to bribe sky into Big Bang productivity. I have learnt that I am not capable of ten minute drawbles? The shading was very much inspired by the Japanese doujinka Cucumis, her gorgeous, luminous watercolours in particular. Title from John Donne's poem "The Good-Morrow" (see, I warned you about the sap).

ETA: this pic is Wrong Turn 'verse for those keeping track. I realised I had left out an important detail from that 'verse, so edited it in. :D

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