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Via [ profile] seatbeltdrivein, [ profile] a_big_apple and [ profile] enemytosleep. All the cool kids are doing it.

1) Put your iPod / mp3 / music-player / blah blah blah on shuffle.
2) Write a segment to the first twelve songs that play. Doesn't matter how long the segment is, you have to end it when the song ends, and no, you can't use the repeat button.

A variety of characters and pairings and stuffs here, as is my wont. Everything is labelled for your reading convenience. All FMA, apart from 11, which is D.Gray-Man. All around the PG mark, which amazes me. Why no rudeness, Bob's brain?

songs and fics, but not so much songfics )
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It's simple: just as with those character question memes that go around occasionally, ask any of the characters in No Small Injury a question by commenting on this thread, and I shall have them answer you in their own words. What's Rebecca's favourite pizza topping? Who was Al's first shag? How does Katzenklavier sleep at night? Ask away.

BTW, feel free to bend the rules and ask characters not appearing in the story a question. Does Emperor Ling ever miss the great outdoors? How much is Garfiel going to throttle Ed when he sees him next? etc. The Q and A is of course Wrong Turn 'verse, hence Olivia would be telling you her favourite dessert from beyond the grave, rather than from the Wall of Briggs.

Also, because I'm self-indulgent like that, I had a think one day as to what the theme tune of No Small Injury would be. I decided it would be:
Scott Walker, "Get Behind Me"

[ profile] enemytosleep, my lovely beta/editor/vice-president of Wrong Turn 'verse, also chose a theme. Hers is significantly more badass:
All That Remains, "It Dwells in Me"
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Ah, go on, go on, go on, go on. And any American flister who correctly identifies that quote gets a crunchy piece of shortbread.

Who do you ship me with? meme


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