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These were all written in a comment thread for prompts back in July. Apparently in all the fun of moving house, I forgot to repost. Links go to separate posts, so clicking on worksafe PG gen won't link you up to R-rated smutness.

Exploratory Research (Havoc/Rebecca) R for cheeky, from [ profile] havocmangawip's prompt, one time Havoc and Rebecca did NOT get caught.
The Experimental Method (Winry, Al, Ed) G, from [ profile] randomcheeses' prompt, Al, Ed, Winry, pancake making.
But I Know What I Like (Roy/Ed) PG, from [ profile] pandoraculpa's prompt, the persistence of memory.
In the Best Possible Taste (Ed/Winry) PG, from [ profile] evil_little_dog's prompt, Winry/Ed - A (happy) future with you
Born in a Barn (teen Riza and Roy) G, from [ profile] cornerofmadness' prompt, young Roy & Riza, just how were you raised
Some Assembly Required (Roy/Ed) PG, from [ profile] sky_dark's prompt, Roy and Ed, newly domesticated and newly living together put together something from IKEA.
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