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Hello, all. I keep all my fic and art (Fullmetal Alchemist and a little D. Gray-Man) public, but if you'd like to say "hello" or "friend me?" or "who is this Rebecca you speak of?" or anything else, the comments thread on this post is a good spot to do it.

Some of my fics are illustrated (or are stand alone illustrations). They will be marked with a ♦ and will either be WS (Work Safe) or NWS (Not Work Safe), so click accordingly!

If you're here for plotty slightly canon-divergent post-manga chapterfic with Roy/Ed and Havoc/Rebecca, head to the Wrong Turn 'verse plotfic. If you're here for Ed and Ling in a tent, you want Camping Trip of Doom.

Wrong Turn 'verse: pre-/mid-manga | Camping Trip of Doom | manga aftermath | post-manga plotfic and related works
Other FMA fic and arts: Gen | Roy/Ed | Ed/Ling | Ed/Winry | Other Pairings
D. Gray-man fic and arts

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Title: Got on a lucky one, came in eighteen to one
Characters/Pairing Ling/Ed, Greed 2.0, Darius and Heinkel
Rating: PG-13
Word count:1486
Summary: Happy New Year, Team Greedling.
Notes: Written for [ profile] fmagiftexchange's Yule 2011 round. Set between Chapters 83 and 84, in the offscreen arc where Ed, Greedling, Darius and Heinkel went on the lam the winter before the Promised Day - aka the Camping Trip of Doom.

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Title: Let's Stick Together
Authors: [ profile] enemytosleep and [ profile] bob_fish
Characters: Ling/Ed
Word Count: 1250
Rating: PG-13 for goofy
Summary: Ling. Ed. Icicles. How many seconds will it take Ling to get himself into trouble this time, readers?
Notes: Set between Chapters 83 and 84, on Team Greedling's camping trip of doom the winter before the Promised Day. For [ profile] a_big_apple's prompt, "Ed and Ling, "Edward, look at these beautifully formed icicles, let's do something fun with them!'"
ETA: Now with awesome, adorable art by [ profile] rufina_110!

'Oo ih wi'h al'emy! )
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Title: Wilderness Tips
Characters: Ling/Ed. Also starring my favourite chimerae Darius and Heinkel, and the charming Greed 2.0.
Rating: R for sweary Ed and a teenage makeout session. One of the two illos probably isn't quite worksafe
Word count: 3976
Setting: Mangaverse, during Greed, Ed and the chimerae's time on the lam together after Ch. 83 and before the Promised Day.
Summary: A young man's guide to surviving months in the middle of nowhere with only basic supplies, two grouchy chimerae and a homunculus with identity issues.
Notes: Illustrated fic is illustrated. Twice. Written for [ profile] enemytosleep for [info]fmagiftexchange, for the prompt Ling. Anything, anyone, it doesn't matter (so long as it revolves around Ling). Per the O.P. – “He’s a thousand prompts all by himself.”
If you read my fic, you'll totally want to check out the Wrong Turn 'verse fic she wrote me, "Friday Night, Date Night", in which Havoc and Rebecca (but mostly her) try to set Riza up on a double date. 
Disclaimer: Not mine. All hail the Great Cow!

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