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House move and job seem to have kept me quiet recently. A proper life update post in the next couple of days, but first, Imma gonna use my own journal to advertise a thing what I am doing. It'd be awesome to see you some of you guys there!

Want some cheerleading to help you hit your FMA Big Bang goal? Want to finish up that project (fannish or original) that's languishing on your hard drive taunting you?

Get Sh*t Done with [ profile] bob_fish | Tuesday 18th October - Wednesday 26th October

Get Sh*t Done, aka [ profile] gsd_rtfn is a multi-fandom writers' and artists' support and cheerleading comm. I've volunteered to host a week from 18-26 October to help us all hit our 30 October deadline for FMA Big Bang (which is also open for all kinds of other projects, any fandom or original work :D).

Here's how the gsd week I'm hosting works: on 18 October, I'll post a sign-up post which you comment to with your writing (or art) goals for the week, weekly and daily. Every day from 19 October to 25 October, there'll be a check-in post, so you can check in what you've accomplished and shares any problems you're having. The comm has a very positive focus so we'll cheerlead you on whether you're having an easy or a hard time hitting your goals. Then, at the end of the week, we have a wrap-up post to say "hoorah" to each others' achievements and enjoy the impressive word count we generated as a group!

[ profile] gsd_rtfn is a very friendly, low-stress way to set some goals and hit them - please do come over and check it out. On 19 October, I'll link up the sign-up post from [ profile] fmabigbang too!
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Hi there, dudes.

I've just done a friends cut to remove journals that never post and/or people I never hang out with in private posts. If I took you off but feel you'd like to be added back onto my friends filter, please leave a comment here or drop me a message. My fic and art (and occasional silly fandom post) is public and staying that way. Hope there aren't any hard feelings - my flist was just getting way too long to keep up with!


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