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Hello, all! This journal currently isn't doing much. My main identity, also called [personal profile] bob_fish , confusingly enough, is over at Livejournal. This account is currently here so:

1. I can comment on folks' Dreamwidth journals without wrestling with OpenID, and also
2. so I have this ID reserved for if Livejournal burns down one day.

Feel free to friend me here if you like. However, I don't currently have any proper mirroring set up for my LJ account, so if you have a Livejournal too, you might see more exciting posting action if you friend me over there.

My Livejournal was started as a dumping ground for fic and art, pretty much all Fullmetal Alchemist. Under the f-lock it also contains wittering about my breathlessly exciting life of nerding and caffeine. All my fic and art is public, so if you want to see what I get up to, head over to my fic and art index.

Or you could just go and watch a cat obsessively jumping out of boxes. It's all right, I know when I'm beaten.
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